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Tiếng Anh Lớp 2

Olympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 2

Đề Thi Olympic Tiếng Anh Năm Học 2013-2014 Lớp 2 Vòng 1

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Samantha is having a baby! She is making the quilt above to give to her child once he or she is born. Each block of Samantha’s quilt is made of 4 light triangles and 4 dark triangles, as shown above. If her quilt has 18 blocks, how many light triangles will she need?

        A.  64         B.  72         C.  120         D.  144

2.  Hector is 6 years old. His sisters are 2 and 9. His brother is 3. If Hector used the ages of the children in his family to create the smallest possible 4-digit number, what number would be in the hundreds place?

        A.  2         B.  3         C.  6         D.  9

3.  Oliver is at the Big E fair with his family. One of the booths at the fair is giving out prizes. The booth has 2 jars on a table, shown above. Everyone is trying to guess how many marbles are in Jar B. The person who is closest wins a bag of candy. Oliver knows that there are 257 marbles in Jar A, and Jar B has the same kind of marbles inside. Which is the best estimate for the number of marbles in Jar B?

        A.  250         B.  400         C.  500         D.  650

4.  Laura sells potatoes to her local market. It is time for her to plant her next set to sell. It takes Laura about 3 minutes to plant 1 potato. If Laura were to plant 25 potatoes, which of the following is the most reasonable amount of time it would take her?

        A.  1 hour and 30 minutes         B.  50 minutes
        C.  1 hour and 15 minutes         D.  25 minutes

5.  Mr. Shoemaker is teaching his class about rectangles. He told them, “In theory, a square is a special rectangle because it has all the required features of a rectangle.” Which of the following figures is not a rectangle?

        A.           B.           C.           D.  

6.  Debra and her friends are racing around the rectangular gym, above. They have decided to run five laps. Debra thinks she will win. If they run five laps around the gym, how far will they each run?

        A.  670 feet         B.  1675 feet         C.  3350 feet         D.  3500 feet

7.  Sharks fascinate Cody. He loves watching Shark Week on The Discovery Channel. He learned that the length of a great white shark is 20 feet, and its teeth are about 3 inches long. About how many shark teeth placed end to end are needed to equal the length of the great white shark?

        A.  60 teeth         B.  70 teeth         C.  80 teeth         D.  90 teeth

8.  Janet cuts grass for four of her neighbors. She kept a log of how long she spent cutting each neighbor’s yard last week. The log is shown above. What is the total amount of time Janet spent cutting grass last week?

        A.  1 hours, 10 minutes         B.  2 hours, 10 minutes
        C.  1 hours, 40 minutes         D.  2 hours, 40 minutes

9.  Elijah just created a new computer program. When Elijah inputs a number, the computer changes it to a new number. The computer follows the same rule when changing the number. In the table above, Column X shows the numbers Elijah inputted and Column Z shows the computer’s number. According to the table, what rule does the computer use to change Elijah’s number?

        A.  Add 2.         B.  Multiply by 2 and subtract 1.
        C.  Add 5 and subtract 2.         D.  Subtract 1 and multiply by 2.

10.  Chloe is going to be a senior in high school in exactly 7 years. She wants to know how many days until she is a senior, if she doesn’t factor in leap years. She used a calculator to find out. She wanted to enter 365x7, but accidentally entered 365x6. What could Chloe do to correct her mistake?

        A.  Add 365.         B.  Add 7.         C.  Multiply by 1.         D.  Multiply by 2.

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