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Tiếng Anh Lớp 6

ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 6

Đề Thi ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 Vòng 9

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

Lesson 0.1 Objective Words (Level 6A)

depress[di-'pres] verb - to lessen the activity or force of; weaken. Many important issues were at stake in the next election. For instance, the senator feared that rising inflation would further depress the economy.
dispute[di-'spyoot] verb - to engage in argument or debate; to argue or debate about; discuss. 1. Mr. Beasley was the type of old-fashioned salesman who would dispute with anyone who wants to return a purchased item. 2. Joshua likes to dispute his teacher's point of view in her class to show off himself.
reclaim[ree-'kleym] verb - to demand the return or restoration of, as a right, possession, etc.. I think we need to head back to that restaurant so that I can reclaim my wallet. I seem to have left it there.
sparkle['spahr-kuhl] verb - to flash with wit. Josie’s words seemed to sparkle as she spoke of how her grandfather had served honorably in the armed forces; she is a very engaging speaker.
consciousness[kon-shuhs-nis] noun - awareness of one's own existence, responsibility, or surroundings. Dean was accidentally hit by a baseball bat, which caused him to lose consciousness. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and was able to stand up on his feet. He returned to the locker room so a doctor could examine him.
secure[si-'kyoor] verb - to get hold or possession of; procure; obtain. 1. Sophia's beauty helps her to secure a high position in the company's marketing department. 2. “If this camping trip is going to be a success, we need to secure at least one more cooler and a couple of tent spikes,” Larry’s father said authoritatively.
wreck[rek] verb - to cause the ruin or destruction of. Mr. Lee did not listen to the weather forecast. His fishing ship was wrecked badly by the thunderstorm last night.
charismatic[kar-iz-'mat-ik] adj - of, having, or characteristic of charisma; of a personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people. Captain John Miller was a strong and charismatic leader. His soldiers believed in him, and he always led them out of extremely adverse situations.

1. Mr. Brown saved all of his Christmas shopping for the last minute, so he had to spend most of his weekend in the crowded mall, weaving through pretzel stands and other anxious shoppers. When he arrived home from his last stop, he realized with frustration that he had left his wallet in The Gap. He drove back to the mall, stopped for some ice cream, and _________________ his wallet from the lost & found.
A.  secured
B.  misplaced
C.  reclaimed
D.  recognized

2. Jenna had always dreamed of becoming a poet, and she finally found the time after graduating high school to work intensely on her writing. She loved to find a spot in nature, maybe next to a hiking trail, and read the great works of past poets. Although she felt discouraged at times, Jenna’s words ______________ with creativity, beauty, and inspiration on the page.
A.  grated
B.  hinged
C.  sparkled
D.  depressed

3. Lauren did not eat any food before she started exercising. Suddenly, she felt dizzy and fell to the floor. Lauren regained ____________ after fainting, and she felt much better after eating a healthy meal.
A.  easiness
B.  vacancy
C.  consciousness
D.  seriousness

4. Councilman Brannigan was a very ______________ and influential part of the local government, and he was a gifted, persuasive speaker. There was a very important new policy that was going to be voted on soon, and the councilman very much wanted it to pass. Even though some of the council members seemed skeptical of the value of the policy, Councilman Brannigan knew that he could eventually steer their opinions in whichever direction he wanted.
A.  secure
B.  timid
C.  harsh
D.  charismatic

5. Mr. Peterson had taken many safety precautions to prepare for the family camping trip, but the stormy weather ended up being too powerful for anything to withstand. The family’s tents were destroyed, their cooler was flooded and turned on its side, and there were a number of trees that fell down all around the campsite. When the storm finally ended, Mr. Peterson commented that their camper vehicle looked like a ____________ ship.
A.  wrecked
B.  spoiled
C.  disputed
D.  injured

6. The general looked at his soldiers and explained the mission that they would soon have to complete. They would need to infiltrate the enemy storage bunkers, destroy any weapons there, and finally _____________ the command center. Even though some of his troops were young and hadn’t been in battle before, the general was confident that the mission would be successful. Even so, he still felt a bit nervous.
A.  secure
B.  extend
C.  depress
D.  employ

7. Jill was a very intelligent student and always did well on her exams, but she did have a few classroom habits that bothered her teachers. Sometimes she brought food into math class, and she enjoyed doodling on her homework. The thing that got her detention, though, was her tendency to ____________ what her teacher says in a lesson without permission. By the time she got to high school, Jill became much more obedient and respectful of the rules.
A.  apologize
B.  dispute
C.  reclaim
D.  wreck

8. The community center was a place where people of all ages could come to play sports, go jogging, or take classes at night in subjects like pottery, literature, and politics. The old man who ran the center was very kind, and wanted to keep these services available for free to anyone who wanted them. His philosophy was ______________ the idea of helping people improve their bodies and minds, not on making money.
A.  established on
B.  affiliated to
C.  originated from
D.  destroyed by

9. Lionel loved baking his own desserts, so he decided to make a special cake for the coming weekend. He went to the local grocery store and bought all the ingredients that he would need, and he ______________ up the kitchen so that he would have a clean space in which to cook. He really enjoyed breaking the eggs on the side of his mixing bowl, and he especially loved smelling the batter once it was ready.
A.  messed
B.  sparkled
C.  tidied
D.  hurried

10. If people become afraid that they might not have enough money to pay for their living expenses, they often stop spending as much on goods. If too many people do this at once, it can cause the economy to become _____________ because there is less cash flowing into businesses. Fortunately, the government employs a number of experts to deal with such financial situations, and order is usually restored to the economy before too long.
A.  reclaimed
B.  depressed
C.  reduced
D.  lessened

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