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Tiếng Anh Lớp 5

ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 5

Đề Thi ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 5 Vòng 2

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Shirley has 18 coins. One sixth of the coins are quarters, one third of the coins are dimes, and one half of the coins are nickels. What is the value of Shirley's coins?
A.  $1.75
B.  $1.80
C.  $2.75
D.  $4.80
   * Shirley has 3 quarters, 6 dimes, and 9 nickels. The total value is 3×$0.25 + 6×$0.10 + 9×$0.05 = $0.75 + $0.60 + $0.45 = $1.80.

2. Margaret lives in New York. She wants to call her cousin, Kendra, who lives in Los Angeles, to wish her happy birthday. The time in New York is three hours ahead of the time in Los Angeles. Margaret made her call at 2:42 PM as shown in the picture above. What time did Kendra answer the telephone in Los Angeles?
A.  11:42 PM
B.  11:42 AM
C.  12:42 PM
D.  5:42 PM
* If New York is 3 hours ahead, subtract 3 from the New York time to get the Los Angeles time. 3 hours before 2:42 PM is 11:42 AM.

3. Mrs. Pine made the circle graph above to teach her students about the lives of early pioneers. Based on the information in the graph, which of the following statements is true about the early pioneers’ food resources?
A.  Fishing and fruits combined would be the largest food resources.
B.  Wheat and dairy farming make up about the same amount of the food resources.
C.  Fruits provide the least amount of food resources.
D.  Vegetables and dairy farming make up the same amount of the food resources.

4. Jessica wants to make a wooden picture frame to hold a painting she completed for her mother’s birthday. The picture frame will be 80 cm by 50cm. It costs $0.25 for each centimeter of framing. How much will it cost to frame Jessica’s painting?
A.  $65.00
B.  $45.00
C.  $25.00
D.  $5.00
* First find the perimeter of the frame: 2x 80 + 2 x 50 = 160 + 100 = 260 cm. Multiply this by $0.25 to find that the entire frame will cost $65.00.

5. Crickets chirp more as the temperature gets higher. Suppose that at 40 degrees Fahrenheit a cricket chirps 5 times, at 43 degrees it chirps 10 times, and at 46 degrees it chirps 15 times. If the pattern continues, how many times will the cricket chirp when the temperature reaches 55 degrees?
A.  10
B.  20
C.  30
D.  40
   * Every 3 degrees, the chirps increase by 5. At 49 degrees, the cricket will chirp 20 times. At 52 degrees, it will chirp 25 times. At 55 degrees, it will chirp 30 times.

6. Suzie weighed her new puppy once a week for 8 weeks and charted its growth on a graph. Which of the following statements is true about her puppy’s weight changes?
A.  Between Week 5 and Week 6, it gained 4 pounds.
B.  Its weight increased every week.
C.  It gained 20 pounds from week 1 through week 8.
D.  For Weeks 1—8, it gained about 2 pounds per week.
   * From week 1 to week 8, the total weight gain is 20 - 5 = 15 pounds. It is resulted from a 7-week span. So in average, the puppy gained about 2 pounds (15 ÷ 7) per week.

7. Howard and five of his friends went to see the new Batman movie. One ticket costs $5.75. Howard paid for all of the tickets. Which of the following equations should Howard use to calculate the amount of change he received from a $50 bill?
A.  $50.00 - 5($5.75) = n
B.  $50.00 - 6($5.75) = n
C.  6($5.75) - $50.00 = n
D.  5($5.75) - $50.00 = n

8. Mr. Lane made the number line above on the chalkboard. He asked Lucy to identify the letter that represents the number 1.75. Which letter should Lucy choose?
A.  A
B.  C
C.  D
D.  F

(24 ÷ y) - (12 ÷ y) = 3

9. Patrick’s tutor wrote out the equation above and told Patrick to find the value of y in less than one minute. Which of the following should be the value of y in the equation above?
A.  y = 1
B.  y = 4
C.  y = 7
D.  y = 99

10. Jaclyn scored a 90, 80, 70, 60, and 50 on her TAKS practice tests. What was her mean score?
A.  50
B.  60
C.  70
D.  80

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