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Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Maria and her friends went to Galveston to collect seashells from the seashore. They recorded the number of shells each of them collected using the bar graph above. If the number of shells is represented by n in the inequality n < 10, which students’ collections could be represented by n?
A.  Maria, Albert
B.  Tawan, Betty
C.  Maria, Tawan
D.  Tawan, Albert

2. Mr. Carpenter is installing some new carpet in his living room. The room requires 56 square yards of carpeting. If the living room is 8 yards wide, what is its length in yards? (Area = length x width)
A.  7 feet
B.  7 yards
C.  7 square feet
D.  7 square yards

3. Every month, Mr. Miles’s fifth grade class has a running competition. The run times of students who completed one mile in August and October are shown above. Based on the information in the chart, which student reduced his/her running time by the greatest amount?
A.  Alex
B.  Jamie
C.  Kelly
D.  Tracy

4. Mr. Granite is getting his kitchen floor retiled. Each new tile has an area of 1 square foot. Altogether, 80 new tiles will be used to fill up the rectangular kitchen floor. If the length of the floor is 10 feet, what is the width of the floor in feet?
A.  1 feet
B.  4 feet
C.  8 feet
D.  13 feet

5. Leah is inviting 8 people to her birthday party. She wants each person (including herself) to have the same number of party favors. Party City has the party favor boxes shown above. Which box should she buy so that each person gets the same number of favors?
A.  15 party favors
B.  25 party favors
C.  45 party favors
D.  40 party favors

6. Jane is using some cubes to form the pattern above. If she continues the pattern, how many cubes will she need to build the first figure that is 6 cubes high?
A.  15
B.  13
C.  11
D.  7

7. In Janice’s new apartment, the dish rack in the dish washer has enough slots to hold 10 trays. Today, 9/10 of the rack is already filled. What percent of the rack is full?
A.  90%
B.  80%
C.  70%
D.  60%

After playing outside on a hot afternoon, Troy filled a tall glass with ________ of lemonade. If Troy drank three glasses of lemonade altogether, about how much lemonade did he drink? ________. (1000 mL = 1 L)

8. Mr. Leon read out the word problem above to his students. The first students to fill in the two blanks correctly will win a prize. What measurements belong in the two blanks?
A.  10 mL, 3 L
B.  4 L, 12 L
C.  15 L, 5 L
D.  300 mL, 1 L

9. David earns $5.00 every week for helping his dad mow the lawn. He divides his money according to the budget list shown above. If David earns $15.00, how much will he be able to spend on video games?
A.  $11.50
B.  $1.50
C.  $10.00
D.  $3.75

10. Almost 18,000 Cubans immigrated to the United States in 1995. Nearly 80% of them stayed in Florida. Based on this information, about how many Cubans immigrated to states other than Florida in 1995?
A.  3,000
B.  3,600
C.  5,000
D.  7,000

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