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Tiếng Anh Lớp 4

ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 4

Đề Thi ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 4 Vòng 14

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Jessica and Jasmine are playing their own version of Connect 4. In their version, the players take turns marking a square with either X or O. The first player to mark 5 squares in a row (across, down, or diagonally) wins the game. Look at their game above. It is Jessica’s turn to mark an O. Which square should Jessica mark to guarantee that that she wins?
A.  D10
B.  G6
C.  H6
D.  B5

2. Ms. Crow is making a small platform to display her miniature toy horse collection. She glued 4 white cubes together as shown above. Then she painted the entire figure red. How many faces of the 4 cubes were painted red?
A.  4
B.  9
C.  18
D.  24

3. Kyle’s family made a corn maze at their farm. The arrows Kyle wrote down above are the turns that should be followed to go from the start of the maze to the end of the maze. The correct turns are in a pattern. What are the last three turns of the corn maze?

4. Savannah created the timeline above. The letter X represents how many minutes Savannah was in school today. According to her timeline, how many minutes was Savannah at school today?
A.  405
B.  445
C.  448
D.  500

5. Karen lives in Houston, Texas and has never seen snow. However, the weatherman just announced the estimated weekend temperatures and said there is a chance of snow! Which of the following temperatures did the weatherman probably estimate for this weekend?
A.  30°F
B.  70°F
C.  90°F
D.  100°F

6. You and your friends are playing a game. The game uses the spinner above. Suppose you are getting ready to spin the arrow on this spinner. On which color is your arrow most likely to land?
A.  Red
B.  Blue
C.  Green
D.  Yellow

7. Lyn wants to find the average (mean) height of the fourth graders in her school. Which would be the best way to find this information?
A.  Add the heights of the tallest and shortest fourth graders in the school, and divide that number in half.
B.  Use an encyclopedia to find the average height of a fourth-grade girl and a fourth-grade boy, and average those heights.
C.  Add up the heights of all the fourth graders in the school, and divide that total by the number of fourth graders.
D.  None of the above methods are correct.

8. Elijah created and wrote out the number pattern above. Which of the following number sentences would Elijah write next if he continues his number pattern?
A.  10 × 37 = 370
B.  6 × 74 = 444
C.  12 × 37 = 444
D.  11 × 12 = 132

9. Arianna lives in Boston, Massachusetts. At one point in the early 2000s, Boston had a population of 582,375. The population grew by 20 thousand people a few years later. What was Boston’s population after the population grew?
A.  582,395
B.  582,575
C.  584,375
D.  602,375

10. Alex’s family is going to the Grand Canyon for their summer vacation. They will be gone a total of 3 weeks. It takes 6 days to drive to the canyon, one way. How long will they be able to stay at the Grand Canyon before they need to leave for home?
A.  7 days
B.  8 days
C.  9 days
D.  10 days

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