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Tiếng Anh Lớp 4

ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 4

Đề Thi ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 4 Vòng 12

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

1. Natalie is going on a road trip to see Mount Rushmore. She is allowed to take two items with her to keep near her seat in the car. The shapes of the two items she is taking are congruent. Which of the following could be the shapes of the items Natalie is taking?

2. Samuel lives in Nashville, Tennessee. From 2005 to 2008, he had written down the amount of snow that had fallen there. The amount of snow had decreased each year. Samuel arranged his list so the amount from 2005 was first, 2006 was second, 2007 was third, and 2008 was last. Which of the following is the list Samuel made?
A.  6.02, 6.09, 6.40, 6.75
B.  6.02, 6.40, 6.09, 6.75
C.  6.75, 6.40, 6.09, 6.02
D.  6.75, 6.09, 6.40, 6.02

3. To win a game, Tamika must spin an even number on a spinner identical to the one shown above. Is Tamika’s chance of spinning an even number certain, likely, unlikely, or impossible?
A.  certain
B.  likely
C.  unlikely
D.  impossible

4. Gabriel and his friends are having a competition. They are trying to see who can read the most books this year. The number of books they read in January, listed below, were very close. When rounded to the nearest one, which of the amounts equals 7.0?
A.  6.42
B.  6.34
C.  6.52
D.  6.49

5. Morgan is making a town out of blocks. The town has many railroad tracks so Morgan is making many bridges to go over them. A bridge of 5 blocks makes 1 space allowing 1 train to pass under it. 6 blocks are needed to allow 2 trains to pass under it, and 7 blocks are needed to allow 3 trains to pass under it. If the pattern continues in this way, how many trains can pass under a bridge formed by 12 blocks?
A.  4
B.  5
C.  8
D.  12

6. William’s mother asked him to buy a half gallon of milk for $1.99, a loaf of bread for $1.90, and a carton of eggs for $1.75. How much money will William need to pay for these items?
A.  $2.89
B.  $4.64
C.  $5.64
D.  $8.32

7. It was hot in Ava’s bedroom so she turned on her fan. However, the papers on her desk kept flying away. She is now using an object, in the shape shown above, as a paperweight. Which of the following images is the same shape and size as Ava’s paperweight?

8. Sarah wants to record the rainfall in Sugar Land after she learned about water cycles in her science class. On Monday, Sarah recorded 0.4 inches of rain. On Tuesday, she recorded 1.6 inches of rain. What is the total amount of rain Sarah recorded on those two days?
A.  1.2 inches
B.  2.0 inches
C.  1.02 inches
D.  1.10 inches

9. At the Pet Mart store, Jane bought 3 fish for $10.25, a fish bowl for $14.50, and some fish food for $4.25. About how much money did she spend in all?
A.  $25
B.  $30
C.  $35
D.  $40

10. Mr. Davidson is in charge of ordering new textbooks for the fourth graders at Hilltop School. He created the list above to keep track of what he must order. According to Mr. Davidson’s list, what is the total number of books he must order?
A.  558 books
B.  568 books
C.  668 books
D.  862 books

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