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Tiếng Anh Lớp 2

ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 2

Đề Thi ViOlympic Tiếng Anh Lớp 2 Vòng 6

Chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất cho những câu hỏi dưới đây.

Lesson 0.2 Objective Words (Level 2A)

shallow['shal-oh] adj - of little depth; not deep. The lifeguard told the children not to dive in the shallow part of the pool. Serious injuries could result.
spool[spool] noun - any cylindrical piece or device on which something is wound. Jenny did not know to leave the yarn on the spool. When her grandmother returned home, she found blue and yellow yarn everywhere.
blossom['blos-uhm] noun - the flower of a plant, esp. of one producing an edible fruit. Elly’s mother painted in her spare time. She loved painting fruit and flower blossoms, because she found them very beautiful.
dip[dip] verb - to sink or drop down. The sun dipped below the horizon, meaning baseball practice was over, and we could all return home.
bright[brahyt] adj - radiating or reflecting light; luminous; shining. When the vampire’s mother drew the blinds, she forgot that bright light would harm her son. She quickly closed them when she remembered.
toss[taws] verb - to throw, pitch, or fling, esp. to throw lightly or carelessly. To practice for basketball, Jacob would toss pieces of crumpled paper into the wastebasket from a distance.
seedling['seed-ling] noun - any young plant, esp. one grown in a nursery for transplanting. A week of watering and taking care of his seed produced a seedling for Jonathan. He was quite happy to see the small sprout.
stringnoun - a slender cord or thick thread used for binding or tying; line. Kayla used a string to tie up the doors of her old chest before the buyer loaded it onto his truck.

Butterfly Gardens

If you like butterflies, you can create a garden for them to visit.

Things you will need:
a sunny place to plant things, seeds, or ____ 1 ____, and a shallow dish of water.

Choose a sunny place with little or no wind.

Pick flowers to plant. Butterflies like pink and white flowers with broad, flat ____ 2 ____.

A.  butterflies
B.  seedlings
C.  flowers
D.  spools

A.  flowers
B.  winds
C.  blossoms
D.  seedlings

Plant the flowers in your garden.

Put the ____ 3 ____ dish near the flowers and keep it filled with water. Butterflies need water.

Follow these steps, and you may find your garden filled with ____ 4 ____, beautiful butterflies through the summer.

A.  shallow
B.  deep
C.  bright
D.  bottomless

A.  shallow
B.  gloomy
C.  dull
D.  bright

5. This story is mostly about
A.  sunny places with no wind.
B.  keeping butterflies as pets.
C.  making a butterfly garden.
D.  making a flower garden.

How to Fly a Kite

A windy day in the park could be a perfect day to fly a kite. Here are the steps to follow when you fly a kite.

1. Find a large, open area with no trees or power lines.

2. Hold the kite in both hands and ____ 6 ____ it into the wind so the wind catches it.

3. If it is a very windy day, the kite may need a tail added to help it fly correctly.

4. Let out a small length of kite string.

5. Holding the ____ 7 ____ in your hand, run with the kite behind you so the wind lifts it higher in the sky.

A.  toss
B.  kick
C.  dip
D.  shoot

A.  area
B.  seedling
C.  string
D.  tree


6. Begin letting out some string until the kite rises very high in the air.

7. Keep an eye on the kite. If it ____ 8 ____, run or pull in the string a bit.

8. When you are ready to quit, bring the kite down by slowly winding the string around a ____ 9 ____ or stick.

9. Reach out and grab the kite before it hits the ground.

A.  tears
B.  dips
C.  flies
D.  goes

A.  string
B.  blossom
C.  tree
D.  spool

10. In which steps does the kite fly higher in the sky?
A.  Steps 1 and 2
B.  Steps 3 and 4
C.  Steps 5 and 6
D.  Steps 7 and 8

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